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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get live help here?

Yes, click on the Blue Live Chat Icon in the lower right corner.

I see that you offer pickup and delivery. Do I have to re-connect all of my stuff when you all drop it off?

 For non-managed customers, we charge a $20.00 fee for disconnect, hookup, and travel – roundtrip.

For Managed Anti-Virus customers, we charge a discounted fee of $12.95 for disconnect, hookup, and travel – roundtrip.

For Fully Managed customers – there is no charge.


How does ComputeRx handle network and system updates and upgrades?

We handle network and system updates and upgrades in the following manner:

  1. Regular Monitoring: Our team proactively monitors your systems and networks to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest software releases and patches.

  2. Scheduled Maintenance: We work with you to schedule regular maintenance windows that are convenient for your business. During these windows, we will perform updates and upgrades to your systems and networks as needed.

  3. Prioritization: Our team prioritizes critical updates and security patches to ensure that your systems and networks are protected from any potential security threats.

  4. Communication: We communicate with you every step of the way, keeping you informed about the status of updates and upgrades, and any potential impact on your systems.

By handling network and system updates and upgrades in this manner, we ensure that your technology is always running smoothly, and that you have the latest features and security protections in place.

How does ComputeRx approach cybersecurity and data protection for its clients?

At ComputeRx, we take the protection of our clients’ data very seriously. Our approach to cybersecurity and data protection is comprehensive and proactive.

  • Threat Detection and Response: We have a team of experienced security specialists who continuously monitor our clients’ networks and systems for potential threats. If a threat is detected, our team will respond quickly to mitigate any damage and prevent further breaches.
  • Security Audits: Our team regularly performs security audits of our clients’ networks and systems to identify and address any vulnerabilities. We also provide recommendations on how to improve security.
  • Data Encryption: All sensitive data is encrypted both in transit and at rest to protect it from unauthorized access.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: We have robust backup and disaster recovery solutions in place to ensure that our clients’ data is safe and recoverable in the event of an unexpected interruption.
  • Security Awareness Training: We provide regular training to our clients’ employees to increase their awareness of cybersecurity threats and best practices for protecting sensitive data.

By adopting these security measures, ComputeRx ensures that our clients’ data is always protected and secure. We are committed to providing peace of mind to our clients by delivering reliable and secure IT solutions.

Will a Solid State Drive Speed up my computer?

Absolutely!!  Most people experience boot up times from power on to desktop in 15 to 30 Seconds.

Will you tell me if my computer is worth repairing?

That’s one of the first things we discuss with you when you have a repair.  Sometimes it’s just economically unfeasible to repair some computers, and we’ll let you know if that’s the case.

I accidentally dropped or otherwise damaged my computer. Now it’s having problems. Can it be repaired?

It may be possible to repair it, but we will have to diagnose it and assess the issue(s) involved. We can also use as much information as we can get about what caused the damage and how the computer is acting now. Don’t use your computer if it’s damaged as that may make the damage worse.

Can you provide a breakdown of the services included in ComputeRx's monthly or annual packages?

Yes, just take a look at our Managed Service Plans page here

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